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BioUniversal Energy also called Biorhythmia, is the Supreme Universal Energy, it’s the generative and regenerative energy of life  that codifies, re-codifies, liberates, humanizes and universalizes man.

For man to be able to perceive and understand all the frequencies of universal reality – to obtain freedom of thought, universal consciousness, and to develop all the necessary aptitudes necessary for him to become a Universal Human Beings, he inevitably needs to receive and develop Biorhythmia..

Receiving therapies of Biorhythmia, can help regenerate and heal all kinds of physical, mental and spiritual sufferings and diseases. It can separate and free mans spirit from his body and choose to travel to the universal frequency of his choice. He can go anywhere he wishes to in the present physical universe, to the past and to the future, to the highest frequency where the Superior Entities of Light are and contact them – see, touch, hear and speak with them. He can also contact inferior frequencies or the frequency where he can contact those who are physically dead, they are not in different dimension as man believes. He will learn to perceive and understand all the existing frequencies of  Universal Reality.

Perceive Universal Reality


A Universal Human Being is syntonized to, and connected with the highest universal frequency, therefore is governed in thoughts and acts by the Universal Spirit. This is how the Universal Spirit materializes all its knowledge and energy in the atomic frequency of time and matter.

Man is who has to elevate himself, go out in search and find, reach, syntonize and connect with this universal supreme energy, because the universal supreme frequency will never come down to the low frequencies of man.

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